Level Teasers

We prepared short tease videos from our game Catie in MeowmeowLand to show you how the game is working, how the illustrations are stunningly drawn, how the animation is funnily done and how the sounds make a perfect atmosphere!

Our tease videos were also mentioned by SECTOR game magazine, so make sure to check them out.

Enjoy the level teasers!

Cannon level: Fancy kitty

Peek inside of Cannon level with beautiful Kitty.

Snail level: Mushrooms forest

Peek inside of Mashroom forest with mysterious little characters.

Bridge level: Elephant

In this teaser video you may see absolutely ridiculous Blue Elephant and his absurd laugh.

Milk level: Transoframtions

Watch the unexpected transformations, where cats, alligators and horses are put together like nothing.

Princess level: Princess Doll

Watch the glorious mechanic Princess doll waken up.

Winter Garden level:

This little meanie always makes a mess!

Tower level: Giraffe

Poor Giraffe is (funnily) burning out. Literally!

Fall level: Balloon

Heavy Tons and airy balloon means some (illogical) troubles.

Fountain level: Fight

Have a look at Pirate Fish vs. Hat Worm fight!